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  • I'll probably put a Discord link here once I get around creating one.
  • If you really want to contact me, my Discord account is Ayay#4121. I usually check it out once a day.
  • You can view what decks have been made in the link above.

  • Work in progress

    Welcome to the future site of the 4th run of Music Station!  I'm hoping to have Music Station re-open before December for it's 10th anniversary. 
    For this run, we will not foreign artists unless their career is based in Japan or had a long period of their career where they only have activity that was based in Japan.  This is to prevent the TCG being over saturated with K-Pop decks right off the bat as there are two amazing K-Pop TCGs (Idolise and Starlight) and a general music TCG (Melody) that has a lot of K-Pop decks if you need a K-Pop fix.  I may add them down the line, though!  I don't want the TCG to be Japanese music video by K-Pop artists heavy yet.
    I haven't decided if I'm going to include Vocaloid music videos or anime idol music videos.  If there's enough interests or if anyone really wants to donate them, I'll probably add them.

    Card Types

    I'm not 100% for sure what all of the deck types I'm going to have, but here's the list that I have come up with.  It might change by the time this opens. 

    Music Video Decks: This are what our regular decks are going to be.  There's 25 cards per deck and each card is worth 1 card.

    Artists Decks:  These will be decks for soloists, group members, and band members.  I am not planning on doing group decks at this time as I saw they were pretty unpopular for donations when I ran Rockin' Nippon.  Artists decks would have 10 cards per deck and be worth 2 cards. I am not doing artist decks at this time.  I may add them in the future.

    Problematic Artists

    Due to scandals being a thing when you're dealing with a TCG subject like the one Music Station has, I'm going place some rules on what I considering to do with problematic artists.

    • The Egoist scandal: I am not doing any decks related to this visual kei band.  If you are not familiar with this scandal, the former guitarist of The Egoist murdered his mistress.  You can read more about it here and here.
    • Kisaki's 2018 scandal: If you really want to know how problematic this scandal is, you can read about it at your own risk.  It is very triggering, which is why I am not going to even write what it is about.  Even though Kisaki was never charged with anything in the end, I am not allowing decks of the following visual kei groups: Syndrome, Phantasmagoria, or LIN ~the end of corruption world~.  This really sucks because both Syndrome and Phantasmagoria were pretty important bands in the visual kei scene.

    Usually, I am very chill about musical artists being involved in scandals as everyone makes mistakes, but these are ones that cross the moral line by leaps for me. 

    The Survey of Doom~

    So you finally made it through my all ramblings I typed at 2 o'clock in the morning.

    • Please list at least five artists you that are your favorite Japanese artist.
    • List five music videos (relating to the theme of the TCG) that are your favorite.  They don't have to be related to your favorite J-music artist.  If you are planning on donating, please do not list any music videos you want to donate/planning on donating. 
    • Any extra activities you would like to see?

    I'm asking all of these questions so I won't make all of the decks too idol or visual kei heavy as that's what my big J-music fandoms are that's not 80s J-Pop/Japametal.  I do have a Jpopsuki account, an Aidoru-Online account, and I am willing to purchase releases to make decks.  I have a Heartsdales (a group I'm not into) greatest hits album that came with a PV collection because of the original run of Music Station, if that doesn't say anything.


    I am not planning on taking donations quite yet.  I will post another update when I'm ready to take donations.  I'll take donations for music videos that were released during 2017 to 2020 as long as they are not for AKB48 (and their sister groups), Nogizaka46 (and their sister groups), Hello!Project groups, and visual kei groups.  I have a bunch of idol and visual kei music video screencaps already.

    Please make sure they are not screencap from TV rips as I hate messing with watermarks because I end up with funky crops for decks.  I personally prefer Blu-ray and DVD sourced screencaps over Youtube and TV sourced screencaps.  If you do decide to use Youtube for your donation source, make sure the music video is the full length version and that it's not hard sub.  Just avoid VHS source rips since VHS rips always don't look as good as other source rips.  Of the current decks, Baiser's En Fleur was made with screencaps that were from a VHS rip, so I can make screencaps from VHS rips work as long as they don't look like crap.

    If you want to donate, just contact me at my Discord account that I have posted at the top of the page with your donations.  Just make sure there's at least 100 screencaps and the screencaps are in the correct ratio.  (I personally screencap all of my wide screen music videos as 853x480 to make sure everything in correct ratio.)

    Posted on 01 May 2020 by Ayay
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